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Pollen GIFs & Tings

I took some time off from programming and designing on Pollen and focused on the music a bit. I’ve got three new tracks done for the new desert level, a new track for drowned city and a track for the last level. I feel like I’m getting closer on the vibe of the music that I want and things are sounding pretty good.

Before showing it last time at Playcrafting I spent some time doing color correction and image processing on each level and I think the look is getting a lot closer to where I want it to be. I got a few nice color and image post effects from the Unity asset store and that’s helped things quite a bit. I highly recommend the Colorful and Chromatica packages from Thomas Hourdel. I also got a very nice bloom called Ultimate Bloom by Paroxe which is really making the lasers pop and helping the look overall. So far this is probably my favorite Unity bloom effect I’ve used.

I’m showing again this weekend at the Bushwick Film Festival in Brooklyn so I’m doing a push this week to get everything updated and ready. I’m also getting closer to figuring out a launch plan. I think I’m going to go through Steam Greenlight. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, have some GIFs: